El Alamein - Railway Station
Hellfire Pass
Trenches in the Qattara Depression
Ed Duda
Old Barce
Sollum from the Escarpment
Foreign Legion cemetery at Tobruk
Tobruk CWGC cemetery
Tel el Elsa railway cutting
Bir Hakim
Sidi Rezegh
Tank Tracks at the Mareth Line
Australian Memorial at Tobruk
Oued Zarga
65 years on, and they are still there
Minqar Qaim
Knightsbridge War Cemetery
The doorway where Lt Col Keyes VC was shot
during the "Raid on Rommel"
Rommel's Grave
Rommel's Memorial
A new road through a former Afrika Korps battlefield cemetery
An Italian military cemetery destroyed by British artillery in 1941
Fort Capuzzo in 1941
Fort Capuzzo today
Fig Tree Hospital in 1941
Fig Tree Hospital today
Post R5 Tobruk in 1941
Post R5 Tobruk today
The Garden of Eden in 1941
The Garden of Eden today
Knightsbridge in 1942
Knightsbridge today
Bir Hacheim in 1942
Bir Hacheim today
The Black Watch Memorial in 1943
The Black Watch Memorial today
Post Z101 in 1941
Post Z101 today
Tobruk in 1941
The same well today.
(Rebuilt by New Zealand Engineers in 1943)
Sidi Rezegh in 1941
Sidi Rezegh today