About a Western Desert Battlefield Tour
Despite the troubles in recent years we have continued to tour the desert battlefields successfully. We would like to reassure guests that we have never felt threatened or hindered in our tours. The local people being as friendly as they have always been. There are many reasons why people make the long journey to the battlefields of North Africa, for veterans it is an opportunity to remember the old days and the way it was, or to find the grave of a comrade. For his children, an opportunity to get answered that often asked question "what did you do in the war Dad?" Others come to find the grave of a long-lost family member and to get in touch with the past. Whatever your reason for coming on a Western Desert Battlefield Tour we hope you find some answers. Most visitors to North Africa are not ready for the harsh brutality and "nothingness" of the Western Desert and are shocked to see where their ancestors fought, and where two great armies would spend 2 years fighting each other on what is literally just mile upon mile of sand, every yard of sand between Alexandria and Tunis is "Hallowed Ground" and should be treated as such. We shall only spend a short time in the desert but try to imagine your-self here for two years or more. And perhaps appreciate what it was like for both sides, the common enemy being the desert itself. The Western Desert has changed little since the battles of 1941-43, so it is still possible to see and stand on the actual sites of famous incidents. Also, it is still possible to pick up some small mementos of those battles, bullets, shrapnel etc. We consider all the Western Desert battlefields to be a land of adventure and so they are as you never quite know what this mystical environment will reveal: there is nothing quite like the feeling of driving down a well-worn track and seeing a landmine just a few feet away. We will frequently come across the Bedouin people who live on the battlefields, they are a wonderful race of people with endless hospitality, and on many occasions Steve and his party have been invited to their homes for refreshments, which is an experience. Steve’s experience in the Western Desert is second to none, enabling him to guarantee that every personal request is achieved, (i.e., to find a particular grave or a particular spot on the battlefield) the individuality of each request ensures that no two tours are the same. Dehydration in the desert can become a problem so mineral water is provided free of charge every day. Another consideration is the effect of the sun, head coverings and sun lotion are advisable to be always worn. Each guest will receive a booklet containing plans and a short description of the battles. For those with a real sense of adventure we have introduced for the first time our “In Search of” tours where we get deep into the heart of the battlefields and behind enemy lines! And for those with a passion that matches Steve Hamilton’s, there is the ULTIMATE tour Cairo to Tunis in 18 days. For those with an interest not related to the Second World War then the “Lion of the Desert” Battlefield Tour is highly recommended. We will also arrange specialised group tours for Organised Parties or Regiments. Personalised small party and bespoke tours can also be arranged. All tours will be conducted in English. Whether you are from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany or Italy, North Africa has something for everybody. We are also experienced Fixers for film crews and vastly experienced for Conflict Archaeology in desert battlefields. Just some of the places we visit on our tours: Alexandria, El Alamein, Alam Halfa, Ruwesait Ridge, Miteirya Ridge (Ruin Ridge), Qattara Depression, Qattara Track, Bab el Qattara (Kaponga Box) Springbok Road, Snipe, Tel el Eisa, Hill 33, Railway Cutting, Thompsons Post, Fig Orchard, Sidi el Rahman and the Rahman Track, El Daba and Fuka Airfields, Mersa Matruh, Minqar Qaim, Sidi Hemza, Bug Bug, Sofafi, Sidi Barrani, Hellfire Pass, Fort Capuzzo, Bardia, Gambut, Tobruk, Sidi Rezegh, Bir el Gobi, Bir Hakim, Knightsbridge, Commonwealth Keep, Got el Elab, Sidi Muftah, Gazala, Hill 209, Ed Duda, Belhamed, Derna, Wadi el Kuf, Cyrene, Al Bayda, Regima Ridge, Benghazi, Beda Fomm, El Aghelia, Tripoli, Medenine, El Hamma, Mareth, Wadi Akarit, Sfax, Enfidaville, Takrouna, Massicault, Medjez el Bab, Longstop Hill, Bou Arada, Tebarka, Thibar, Steamroller Farm, Hampshire Farm, Sidi Nsir, Oued Zarga, Cactus Farm, Faid Pass, Kasserine, Sbleitla, Tunis and many other famous battlefields. Please note that group bookings are far more economical than individual bookings.